Showroom/Visual store

Gemona West Essentials provides a physical connection and great client experience with a satisfying interaction with these products/services. We do understand the term 'seeing is believing' and we want our clients to experience them firsthand to communicate our unique brand story.

Online Store

Considering all customers would not be able to make it to the store physically, we have created a very interactive e-commerce platform which also gives the customer a look/feel of the items. Our client service is top notch with focus on creating a memorable shopping experience by fulfilling our delivery and shipping promises.


Our E-Design services, online interior design consulting, are perfect for those clients who want interior design expertise but don’t mind doing some of the legwork to prepare, coordinate and implement the project themselves. E-Design is perfect for clients who want to update their space as efficiently as possible.

Express Design Experience

Our Instore Designer can help to create a design that's unique to you. Whether refreshing a single area or rethinking an entire space, we’ll work through your ideas in store to help you find a look that suits your style and budget. At the end of the appointment, your selection of items would be collated and delivered stress free.

FF&E Procurement Services

Our goal is to serve the best interest because we know that procuring the right furnishing for a space can be a challenging and somewhat daunting task. furniture, fixtures, and equipment, In this regard, our FF&E service will focus is on the sourcing, specification, design and/or procurement of these furnishings.


The convenience of gift shopping has never been easy, but with Gemona West Lifestyle, it is! Our gifting service is perfect for families and loved ones purchasing, renovating or moving into new spaces.


We promote positive customer experience with competitive in-store and online financing. Offering quality to clients with varying backgrounds, we enable them to invest in furnishings, reach their lifestyle aspirations and create the space they need. From big-ticket furniture items to accessories, they can come to us ready for change.