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Picasso Dining



The arch, a timeless architectural invention, is here overturned to provide the base supporting the very light top of the Picasso dining table. Simple yet tasteful, the 
tabletop remains a beautiful veining pattern and is rounded and carefully polished at the outer edges for safe use. The dining table of extravagance with its table top resting minimally on moon-shaped base is crafted from carbon steel;  enjoy your meal with this special designer piece.

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Monet Dining Table


The Monet dining table is the perfect choice  for everyone who wants to equip their space with exclusive, 
functional, modern and easily combinable furniture pieces for every style.
With its sleek tabletop made of stone and its base made of meta carbon steel, 
the strength of the table lies not only in its solidity, but also in its impact-resistant design. 
Every aspect has been taken into account in every detail to ensure an aesthetic balance, 
an aspect that makes this piece of furniture the absolute protagonist of any living area and beyond.

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Van Gogh Dining Table


Van Gogh is a modern and luxurious dining table with an innovative design structure. The table top is made from ceramic stone - stronger than ordinary ceramics - and laid  over table legs processed by iron.
Combined with the eye-catching V-leg style, the table legs are covered with a soft black powder coating, which is both anti-corrosion, anti-rust, anti-chemical, bringing a modern, solid and elegant look to your space

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Goya Dining Table


Goya is a 55.1" contemporary white dining table with stonetop & gold trestal.  A beautiful marriage between stone and brass that radiates luxury at every angle; Its shiny look and sleek feel make it an eye catching centrepiece for every dining setting;  automatically adding vibrancy to surrounding furniture and enhancing the quality of your space.

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Oak Ridge


The art deco-inspired Qak Ridge Dining Table is excellent for spaces with a strong and well-defined personality. A marble slab rests on a the magnificent base defined by a rigorous geometry that which is both functional and ornamental in equal measure.

The Qak Ridge Dining Table, as a sought-after centre piece, will show off your taste in design and serve as a great conversation starter.

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Cece Winas



Our Seurat dining table is firmly established as a showpiece. The purity of the pieces allows magnificent dinnerware to shine, enhancing the beauty and elegance of your dining space. Its stunning marble countertop is made of genuine stone components and sits atop pvd gold-plated X-shaped legs. Both one-of-a-kind and giving a premium touch to the environment. The stone top is not only extremely durable, but it is also stain resistant, scratch resistant, and simple to clean.